Neutral and multivendor

As a neutral instance, this new data exchange platform solves a fundamental problem in the digitalization of agriculture: It enables farmers and agricultural contractors to exchange data between machinery and agricultural software applications from a wide variety of vendors. Each user can set up their own personal agrirouter. They only need to use the Control Center to set the routes to be used for transferring their data. Even older fleet machinery can be made compatible with agrirouter through telemetry units that are available on the market.

From the user point of view:

Simple use

1. Select & connect

Visit the web address on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, set up your free personal account, and set up your agrirouter by connecting your machinery and your software.

2. Setup

Set the rules for data exchange. These can be changed at any time. You specify who can exchange what data, with whom, and to what extent.

3. Usage

Get started. The agrirouter works for you in the background while you use machinery and apps.

From the partner point of view:

Transparent costs

1. Select

The app provider chooses between 5 different annual plans, from XS to XL (see graphic above). The annual fee is per instance, per year. An app instance is the copy of the app provider's software application that is used by a user. An app provider can have any number of app instances in use by customers.

2. Monitor

The agrirouter monitors the actual number of messages transmitted and the resulting data volume, and compares this with the selected annual flat fee.

3. Pay

Your agrirouter account is free. Low usage fees are charged for data transfer by agrirouter, and the user is billed by his app provider. Mobile wireless fees for data transfer between machinery and the agrirouter are extra. The 5 different annual plans differ in the number of messages and the volume of transferred data. DKE-Data GmbH bills the app provider for these charges.