Neutral and multivendor

As a neutral instance, this new data exchange platform solves a fundamental problem in the digitalization of agriculture: It enables farmers and agricultural contractors to exchange data between machinery and agricultural software applications from a wide variety of vendors.

Each  user can create his personal agrirouter account for free and put it together individually. They only need to use the Control Center to set the routes to be used for transferring their data.

Existing or new machines from all manufacturers can also be connected to an agrirouter account via telemetry connections available on the market.

From the user point of view:

Simple use

1. Select & Connect

Visit the web address on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, set up your free personal account, and set up your agrirouter by connecting your machinery and your software.

2. Setup

Define the routes (rules) for data exchange that you can change at any time in the control center. You determine who exchanges which data, for how long, with whom, and to what extent.

3. Usage & Pay

Go ahead. The agrirouter works for you in the background while you use the machines and apps. As a user, you pay the mobile phone fees for the data transport between the machine and your agrirouter, the use of the agricultural software solution as well as the use of telemetry connections with the respective partner and not with DKE-Data.

From the partner point of view:

Transparent costs

1. Select & Connect

After connecting agricultural software or a telemetry unit, DKE-Data charges your partners a yearly flat rate fee for each agrirouter user. This fee only depends on the functionality of the connected solution (send and receive or send and receive only).

2. Monitor

This flat rate fee is valid for a period of 365 days and is automatically extended for another year after expiration. The transported data volume and the number of messages have no influence on the flat rate fee.

3. Pay

The providers of an agricultural software solution or a telemetry connection (from DKE-Data's point of view as a partner) will receive a monthly invoice for the new or extended agrirouter users in that month.