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NEXT Farming (EN)

The start of a new era in Digital Farming -with the farm management information system NEXT Farming.

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The start of a new era in Digital Farming!
NEXT Crop Planning and Documentation serves as a basis for decision-making and facilitates easier documentation.
Its functionalities include detailed, customised crop planning  based on the integrated GIS or in tabular form as well as the easy documentation of tasks. The tool supports you in the creation of precise and secure records and by providing reports for documentation and controlling.
The NEXT Farming app enables GPS-based documentation.

NEXT Machine Management intelligently interconnects mixed fleets for greater efficiency in a forward-thinking approach with future-oriented security.
Its functionalities include the use and processing of cross-vendor machine data for agricultural documentation, smart monitoring of machine data with telemetry, and optimal machine capacity utilisation through smart planning. NEXT Machine Management is a core component of the modular farm management system NEXT Farming and provides an individual and needs-based digital operations management. The tool includes the basic NEXT Crop Planning and Documentation module.

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