EU Commission chooses DKE-Data as an example of “B2B data sharing”

Osnabrück, May 2018

A European Commission study launched in 2017 focuses on building a European Data Economy and answers questions such as how and to what extent companies share data, and on what legal basis they do that. The study shows that “B2B data sharing” is implemented in many variants depending on the business model or legal framework. One of the 16 case studies describes the data exchange platform “agrirouter” of DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG based in Osnabrück.

As a neutral entity, the agrirouter solves a core problem in the digitization of agriculture: It enables farmers and contractors to exchange data between machines and agricultural software applications from different manufacturers. Companies with mixed machinery lacked this possibility so far.

In the “Lessons learned” section of the study text on the agrirouter, the team of authors cite a number of success factors: first and foremost is the absolutely necessary perception of the data exchange platform as a neutral entity, because only this creates the necessary trust on the user side. Also important are the insights gained from the market and the resulting improvements. And finally, a large number of equal stakeholders and consortium partners as well as strong partners in software development are among the success factors. It seems that DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG is on the right track with the agrirouter.

The study was carried out by everis on behalf of DG CONNECT (European Commission) and can be accessed via the following link: data sharing by companies in Europe

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