agrirouter with new functionalities and availability in Russia

We regularly work on new features and improvements for the agrirouter. At the same time, we naturally want to open up our system to further markets. That is why the agrirouter is now also available in Russia. Russian-speaking users can also access our website in Russian.

In addition, we have made several improvements to the user interface:

  • Display of the capabilities of endpoints (Capabilities). This function supports you in the event of support - as it can now be checked whether an endpoint can receive or send messages of a certain type at all.
  • As an agrirouter user you can now also see when your telemetry connection, machine or agricultural software sent or received the last message - similar to manual tracking.
  • In parallel, we have made some improvements in the area of stability and performance.


Russian User Interface 

Endpoint Capabilities Tab in User interface

New icon for the Agricultural Software Group

New icon for the Machine Group



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