FAQ Customer

1. What is agrirouter?

The agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform for farmers and agricultural contractors that makes it possible to connect machinery and agricultural software, regardless of vendor or manufacturer. For companies with mixed fleets, agrirouter lays the foundation for automated, process-oriented data usage within your company. This makes it possible for you to improve your operational processes and efficiency. Each user sets individual routes (rules) for their data exchange. The agrirouter only controls data transfers. It does not save any data. The agrirouter is your ticket for admission into the digitalization of agriculture. It allows you to retain control over your data.

2. Yet another farm management software product?

We do something different. The agrirouter is a tool for farmers and agricultural contractors and works like a postal service or logistics provider, only with data and via the Internet, i.e. at lightning speed. This makes it quite easy to exchange data between your machinery and the software used within your company or even with your agricultural contractor or your customers. With agrirouter, this works irrespective of manufacturer and only you control who receives what data and when.

3. How is this useful to me?

The agrirouter simplifies data exchange, thereby also your operational processes, reduces administrative overhead, and also improves efficiency.

4. How does it work?

You create an account and connect software and machines.Software always ends up in the standard software group, machines in the standard machine group. By default, both groups are connected by routes for all message formats.  Therefore, data can be exchanged directly after the connection. You do not have to do anything after you have connected machine(s) and software.

5. How can I connect a machine or a software application to the agrirouter?

The customer first creates a free personal account at my-agrirouter.com.

A registration code is generated when a machine is connected to their agrirouter. They enter this code on the machine just once in the telemetry unit (e.g. via a terminal). The machine is subsequently connected to the account of the customer upon start-up. The connection of selected software applications is carried out via the user interface of the software.

6. Could you give me an example of how this works?

Example 1:

You can send documentation data that a machine has created after completing an order on a field to a software application (app) connected to your agrirouter. This works across manufacturers. For this, the farmer or contractor must set the required routes (rules) in his agrirouter. This makes it easier and more complete to meet current and future documentation requirements.

Example 2:
You can use telemetric data that your machines frequently already generate, such as the GPS location, diesel fuel consumption, or equipment hours. If this machinery is already connected to your agrirouter, this data can be forwarded to a software application (app). This also works across all manufacturers and vendors.

Example 3:
Take the example of fertilizer spreading based on an application map: The farmer uses agrirouter to transfer his field boundary data from his connected farm management system to a third-party app that can create application maps. The farmer also connects this app to his agrirouter. This only takes a few mouse clicks. The finished application maps can then be sent on behalf of the customer to the appropriate fertilizer spreader.

7. What does this cost?

The usage fees charged by agrirouter for data transfer are low and are billed to the user by his respective app provider. Mobile wireless fees for data transfer between machinery and the agrirouter are extra. All in all we're talking about a few euros per month and machine.

8. How secure is my data?

The agrirouter does not store any data. It only sends it according to your instructions. This means that the subject of data storage doesn't even come up. The servers for the data transfer are located in Germany, they are secured, and subject to German laws. The software and hardware components are certified and are checked regularly. The requirements of current data privacy regulations are of course fulfilled.

9. What does SAP do with my data?

SAP develops the software for the agrirouter according to our specifications. Therefore SAP ensures smooth operation of the agrirouter. SAP does nothing with your data except ensure that the agrirouter transfers it to the recipient or recipients via routes (rules) that you specify.

10. When will the agrirouter be available to customers?

The agrirouter has been available since February 2019 at "my-agrirouter.com". Current information is available anytime at “my-agrirouter.com”

11. Does this also work in other countries, or only in Germany?

Technically, the agrirouter is usable worldwide. The user interface is available in German, English, French and Russian. Further languages will be implemented step by step. The agrirouter has been launched in Europe and is also offered in selected countries outside of the European Union. Worldwide marketing is planned in the long term.

12. Is this merely a software product meant to help me better manage my operations?

The agrirouter is a tool for farmers and agricultural contractors and works like a postal service or logistics provider, only with data and via the Internet. It enables you to easily exchange data between your machinery and your operational software, as well as with your agricultural contractor or your customers. With agrirouter, this works irrespective of manufacturer and only you control who receives what data and when.

13. I have older machinery without any interfaces. Can I connect these?

The use of retrofitted telemetry units is only possible for machines with a standardized interface (e.g. signal connector or ISOBUS in-cab connector). Apps on mobile end devices can be used to connect machines without any interfaces to the agrirouter. The driver can make manual entries.

14. Does the agrirouter help me with conversion issues?

No. As described under the question "What does the agrirouter do with my data?", the agrirouter doesn't look into the data packets; it only transfers them according to the rules set by the user. This can be compared with the sending of an invoice on which the incorrect value-added tax is shown. The mailman doesn't check this information.

15. Who founded DKE-Data, and when?

DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG was founded in July 2016 by originally ten agricultural technology companies, with headquarters in Osnabrück. Other agricultural companies can join the DKE-Data consortium at any time without restrictions.

16. Are further improvements to agrirouter in the works?

We will continually improve and develop the agrirouter. The goal of this is always to take into account the suggestions and criticisms of users and meet the general requirements of the market and developments in agricultural technology.

17. Can other data formats be added?

New data formats can easily and anytime be added in the agrirouter. For example, a data format for weather data can be added so that the farmer/agricultural contractor has the possibility of connecting the right weather app for his production process to his agrirouter.