Integration Guide

The purpose of the Integration Guide Part 1 document is to create basic knowledge about the third-party integration with the agrirouter Connectivity-Platform. This document explains the process for common interactions – like onboarding, sending messages via commands or other integrations with the agrirouter. To ensure correct usage of the given functions, the document explains how to use the functionality. This document shall give a first overview of the agrirouter connectivity-platform integration.

The purpose of the Integration Guide Part 2 document is to create deep knowledge about the thirdparty integration into the agrirouter solution. This document shall include all information necessary to develop an integration with the agrirouter interface in an application. If you experience any problems with missing information in this document, please send an email to mentioning “Integration Guide Part2” in the topic.

Please follow the agrirouter open source GitHub project here...

Certification Process

Every Application needs to be certified to be onboardable to the agrirouter. The certification makes sure, that the communication protocol of the agrirouter was successfully implemented and the application is able to communicate with the agrirouter. A certification is needed any time, the app changes its capabilities.

The following Trusted agrirouter Certification Partners are available for certification with the following scope of services:

Certification of Telemetry-Box = ISOBUS Testcenter (ITC)

Certification of Farming-Software (App) and Telemetry-Platform = LMIS AG

Other interested IT or hardware-related companies can contact the DKE-Data for inclusion as a "Trusted Agrirouter Certification Partner".

Example TaskData

The Taskdata example files can be used in Step 1 for the visualization test within the applications without the agrirouter and in Step 2 to simulate a real Data-Transfer via agrirouter. Please read the readme File to get more detailed information about the content.